Land on The Lord's Love

Land on The Lord's Love

Considered by Biblical scholars as one of the most zealous people in the Bible, Peter loved Jesus fervently. He’s the one who declared things to Jesus like, “I will never deny you!”, “I’ll die for you, Jesus!”, and—my personal favorite—after Jesus foretold His own death, “Heaven forbid Lord, this shall NEVER happen to you!”

As passionate, on-purpose, and powerful as those statements seem, Jesus regularly corrected, rebuked, and even likened Peter to Satan (Matthew 16:23). Imagine: Peter probably thought he was publicly pledging his allegiance…but as far as Jesus was concerned, it was Satan talking!

While Peter’s zeal is admirable, his approach to Jesus is in sharp contrast to another disciple: John.

Peter vs. John

            John is often referred to as “The disciple whom Jesus loved.” And interestingly enough, this moniker is only applied in one of the Gospels. (You guessed it—John!)

Some time ago, I asked the Lord, “How could John be so arrogant to call himself the ONE whom Jesus loved?”

The Lord showed me that John referred to himself that way, not from a place of arrogance or pride, but rather incredible humility.

It must have been easy for the disciples to feel as if their love for Jesus would be the platform for their lives, callings and ministries. Yet time and again, Jesus rebuked that mentality.

Why? Because God doesn’t want us to base our faith, life or relationship with Jesus on our love for Him, but rather on His love for us.

Following His Heartbeat

Often we’re taught, “You’ve gotta love God! The reason you’re not seeing results in your life is because you don’t love God enough!” But that’s a Peter-like mindset. He focused on how much he loved God, not the other way around.

The setting of the Last Supper demonstrated the difference between how Peter and John interacted with Jesus. We read how Jesus said a disciple would betray Him. While Peter responded zealously, it was John, enamored with how much Jesus loved him, who was truly close to Jesus. In fact, some translations suggest John’s head was laying on Jesus’ chest at that moment…hearing Jesus’ heart, every beat proclaiming, “John, I love you!”; “John, you are anointed!”; “John, I’ve chosen you!”

The Swinging Pendulum

We all have an internal pendulum that swings between Peter and John. One side boasts how much WE love Jesus, the other identifying with how much JESUS loves us.

While Peter’s zeal was the gas in his world-changing tank, John’s revelation enabled him to be by Jesus in His final moments. When Peter was nowhere to be seen, John was the one whom Jesus called on to take care of His mother. John was the one who trusted in how much Jesus loved him, not the other way around.

The Bible says in 1 John 4:19, “We love Him because He first loved us.” Romans 5 states, “We throw open our doors to God and discover at the same moment that He has already thrown open His door to us” (The Message).

Although we should all endeavor to model Peter’s zeal, the foundation for our relationship with Jesus should be rooted—first and foremost—in His love for us.

by Donnie Petty

Donnie Petty is the pastor of The Bridge, the young adult arm of Eagle Mountain International Church, and husband to best-selling recording artist Dara Maclean Petty.


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I got something to SAY


It's not very often that I have an "urge" to say something on my mind to everyone... but, I've got something to say.

In this world of social media we live in, there is an opportunity for words to be shared exponentially. Instagram is a place of visuals followed by comments/opinions/encouragement/discouragement/emojis etc.. I have learned that at the end of the day, none of it matters.. BUT for the first time ever, I was truly hurt by a comment someone left on our Instagram. It's deleted. You couldn't go look at it if you wanted to but that's not even the point. I would just like to explain my frustration and what I learned- this is what happened:

-A very rude, negative comment was posted on picture that included my grandfather, Kenneth Copeland (I am assuming the comment was left because of our known, extreme belief in God wanting us to be healed, whole, and prosperous- but who actually knows).
-I click on user's handle to check out their profile just to see what this person was all about.
-According to the images displayed on their account, this person was all about Jesus.
-This made me so sad. 

Why does this make me sad? Because, WE are all about Jesus too!! At that moment I experienced, first hand, the reason the world says, "Christians are the most judgmental." 
Story continues....

-I attend a Hillsong United Concert at the American Airlines Center here in Dallas that same night.
-I witness 18,000 people proclaiming, "Jesus," in worship and praise.
-I witnessed thousands give their life to The Lord that night.

That night was a defining moment for me. Why? I had a true realization of a few things... There was no way all 18,000 of us agreed denominationally (no, I don't think that's a real word). We stood in awe and praised the Name of Jesus, and the night ended with thousands receiving Jesus as their Lord. I truly believe the reason it felt like Heaven came down on Earth, was because Heaven did come down on Earth. Acts 2 says, when they were in one place in one accord, Heaven came down. "One place, in one accord..." It was obvious during this concert that the person next to me couldn't care less what "denomination" I belonged to. I don't think it bothered anyone that the person on their left may dunk when they baptize and the person on their right may sprinkle when they baptize. And at the end of the day- those things don't get people into Heaven either. Jesus. Jesus gets people into Heaven. Believing that He died on the cross for our sins, rose again as our savior- that's what gets people into Heaven. 

It is my opinion that, if us as "Christians," could focus on that one thing- Jesus- Heaven would fall down on earth much more often and people would be saved. That's what made the thousands of people lift their hands that night of the concert to receive their new Savior- they were experiencing Heaven on Earth, they were experiencing Jesus.

I'm not mad at that person for commenting on the photo. I can't be. It's satan's goal for the spirit of division to take place between us as believers.. not that person's. I do think all of those details are important because I believe God wants us to live to the fullest, don't get me wrong. But I'm not going to keep score between my friends because we don't believe the same doctrine- that is exactly what satan wants.

All this reminds me of the reason ONE was placed on our hearts to begin with- so we could be ONE in our faith- not doctrine- but faith. That's the only way we will win the lost.


Courtney Copeland

 Here is a picture from the AA Center in Dallas, Feb 18th. Photo by @jdougy via Instagram

Here is a picture from the AA Center in Dallas, Feb 18th. Photo by @jdougy via Instagram


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I’m excited to share with you the vision God has given me to come alongside my grandfather to fulfill the mission of Kenneth Copeland Ministries in some new and exciting ways!

This new ministry arm of KCM is called ONE. ONE is a community of believers who reject the negative labels branded on us by today’s society. Instead, we are a people that walks in the identity given to us through Christ. We are passionate about bringing the uncompromised truth of God’s Word to all people, through EVERY AVAILABLE VOICE.

In the months to come, our team will be at work planning and developing initiatives that I believe will be the beginning of a movement that will sweep across the nations and redefine a generation.

This blog was created to share insight, revelation, and inspiration from the ONE Community. 
This website is here to keep you up to date on all things happening within the ONE Community.

Together we WILL reach every generation. Because we are ONE PEOPLE with ONE PURPOSE.

-Courtney Copeland

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